Connor & Maya’s #NaPoWriMo Duet

Writing a poem a day is a lot- so why not share the load with a friend? A one off one month project in poetry and friendship.

Photo by Salena Godden

Maya and Connor are new best friends. They met 6 months ago on the first day of classes and never looked back- until now. Together they ask deep and meaningful questions about poetry and friendship (probably.)

Alternating days of April, and using the other person’s previous poem as a prompt, we will attempt #NaPoWriMo2019. Here, follow the conversation. Poems will also be posted on twitter and instagram @conrbyrne and @mayaceliaowen.

The initial prompt was ‘Locomotion’. Maya said this when she was very tired, and we don’t know why.

Day 1 // Connor

Day 2 // Maya

Day 3 // Connor

Day 4 // Maya

Day 5 // Connor

Day 6 // Maya

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