‘No Place Like Home,’ is a deliberate and polished performance that both celebrates and criticises the club. In front of a brilliant soundscape and moving neon light projections, Alex Roberts holds all the attention, flitting between characters on the turn of a baseball cap. Roberts performs as himself and tells the story of two characters who meet on one night in a gay club, light-hearted at moments and deathly serious in others. In a spoken word style channelling the energy and lyricism of ‘Let Them Eat Chaos,’ he narrates and acts out the meeting of Rob, an older bartender, and Connor, a nervous newcomer to ‘The Swallow.’ As the two men are drawn to each other, underneath the story of their night simmer questions about the ways that gay clubs act like, or fail to be, a home. Roberts took what could have been clichés and filled them with life. An excellent example of a spoken word solo show, ‘No Place Like Home’ does remain within the bounds of what we might expect from the genre. Moving from strength to vulnerability, from tight cue to tight cue, I was sucked into the world of the characters completely. Roberts moves from talent to talent- an excellent singer, actor, dancer, poet- but none of these demonstrations of skill overshadowed the story being told, or disrupted the world he created. He easily held the audience’s engagement for the hour of the show, and on Wednesday, finished to a standing ovation.

‘No Place Like Home’ is at Camden People’s Theatre Tuesday 26th-Thursday 28th November 2019 at 9pm.

I attended the show as and with alumni of Pow! (2019.) Alex Roberts is an alumni of Pow! (2018).

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